About me

Hi there.
In the web/forums I can be identified by nickname Dusho (or dusho).

As a kid I tasted programming on borrowed ZX Spectrum computer, back then still in basic. After that I purchased Atari 800 XE where I experimented with some simple stuff in assembler. Also did my 3D visualization tool in Turbobasic that I presented in some Atari party in Prievidza (still as a 16-years old teen).
During college I started programming some 3D games - FEItrix, Solo Flight and also made simplistic graphical and physical engine called SimulDeck that I later on finished and presented as my diploma thesis. In final years of my school (TUKE) I helped to program some medical and graphical tools for Austrian company to earn some money. After school I used my license (self-employed) to create graphical screensavers I created on demand.
Later I decided to get employed, so I joined large international company where I worked for 9 years on medical applications as a C# developer. Currenly working in another large company mostly as Java developer.

Besides programming and game development I really like to watch some good sci-fi/fantasy shows (Firefly, Game of Thrones, ...), read some books (Jules Verne, Dan Brown, Manfredi, ...), play some games (Diablo 2, Starcraft, Mass Effect, Civilization, ...), learn about space, artificial inteligence, game design, procedural generation and so on.