Yet another page re-design with updated info
1. 7. 2017
As last page design change happened over 8 years ago, it was time for a new one, even more simple one.
More 3D model screens
6. 8. 2009
I've added more screens of 3D models (swords) in 'Working on' section.
Another site graphics change
5. 8. 2009
Got rid of 'purplish' design. There is a power in simplicity.
Blog added
3. 6. 2009
Added blog section. I'll try to post there some tutorials (C#, 3D modeling, ...) or 'how to' stuff.
Small update
2. 5. 2009
After almost 4 years I found some time to do small changes. I kept only the English version of the site, though. I've added Simulations section in Projects and 3D modeling in Working on section. Also graphics of the site is changed, now it's more purplish.
Hosting changed
14. 10. 2005
My old web hosting went down - not that I was all happy about they services, so I decided for change - just hope that for better.
New space screensaver
16. 3. 2005
I just finished next of mine screensavers - galaxy theme.
Update of website
8. 3. 2005
I couldn't look any more on those old webpages, so I found some time and created new, I hope you like it.
Next screensavers
24. 11. 2004
I put some info about my new screensavers. Those screensavers are first working under my SimulDeck engine - and I'm surprised it works - I found a huuuge bug yesterday.
2. 11. 2004
Game Feitrix is now available for download in section Projects -> Games -> Feitrix in version with or without a music.
1. 11. 2004
I just finished next set of screensavers, soon I post some info and screeshots. Also I finished Feitrix - I will put it here as soon as I find some betatesters.
Solo Flight
11. 10. 2004
Website renewed. Added slovak version of site.
Game Solo Flight available for download.
14. 9. 2004
Start of these pages. (